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IPO Communications

The overview

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are major business and career milestones. It’s only natural to want to knock your IPO communications strategy out of the park. After all, it’s a major opportunity.

The road to an IPO is paved in confidentiality. When and how conversations move beyond the C-suite and into your communications team will largely depend on the structure and operating norms of your company. That said, you can anticipate needing three to four months to get your social strategy in order. This is where Zefmo steps in with its expert team.

We encourage our clients to start planning and executing a well-coordinated PR effort no less than a year in advance of an IPO, and then continue to build on the momentum generated by this program well after the quiet period is over. Learn more about how we can help lay down a solid foundation for your IPO.

An influencer-driven IPO-centric strategy

Drawing from our rich track record of IPO experiences, we deliver innovative strategies to ensure a high-decibel listing. We leverage our deep expertise in influencer engagement to tailor our services for each situation, applying the latest best practices in the relevant market.

We approach IPOs holistically, partnering with our clients to develop a compelling investment narrative, and articulate it via influencers. 

The Methodology

Phase 01

Phase 02

Phase 03

You can make your pre-IPO journey smoother by plotting your path with well-packaged and well-placed stories. But first, we help you to account for the market landscape, and how neatly you fit in or how drastically you stand out. 

For the pre-IPO momentum plan, we approach it through the lens of an investor audience, seeding the market with key data points, metrics, milestones, successes, and other positive business outcomes that appeal most to this audience demographic.

When the time comes to make your move toward capital markets, the foundation will be well fortified and your path will be clear. This pre-IPO plan will have provided the market at large with the proper information and understanding of your company profile, positioning, and investor appeal, while providing your organization with the momentum, brand strength, and competitive edge to seize the moment.

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