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We are democratising influencer marketing

Zefmo is committed to ensuring that each influencer receives rightful recognition and rewards for their contributions to the landscape of influence and reach.

Buy amazing stuff with our native coins

Launching later: Sign up with Zefmo and earn coins redeemable for an exciting range of products.

Trust Zefmo for impeccable campaign execution, optimised for maximum Return on Investment.

At Zefmo, we are privileged to have connections with some of the most sought-after influencers in the industry. Additionally, we maintain close professional relationships with agents, talent management agencies, and management firms worldwide.

Industry's first AI-driven and blockchain platform

Launching soon: Zefmo's AI-driven Influencer Engine with a Blockchain-based reward system for unmatched efficiency and transparency.

Brand or influencer, we are here to help

Rely on Zefmo for the seamless execution of campaigns designed to yield the most optimal Return on Investment.

With over 150K influencers, we harbour one of the widest influencer ecosystems

We have executed over 165 campaigns in the last 04 years

We have worked with over 80 brands and agencies across the globe 

Join the growing community!

Zefmo is continually seeking partnerships with exceptional influencers and adept content creators in the influencer marketing sphere. Should you possess a robust and engaged following across social media platforms, we invite you to complete your profile with us.

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